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Trees and Chainsaws: Their Care and Use

Trees and Chainsaws: Their Care and Use
September 30, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
$60 - $120 sliding scale
Laila Asbergs

Embrace your inner lumberjack!

Quick quiz! Do you…

  • Own a chainsaw, but you aren’t sure how to sharpen it, maintain it, or use it safely or effectively?
  • Want to learn chainsaw and tree-felling tips and tricks from an expert?
  • Have trees on your property you want to manage and keep healthy?
  • Heat with wood? Do you want to be more efficient at obtaining it?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, this class is for you! Join us as a certified arborist with 35 years experience in the field shares some of his vast knowledge and skills.

We’ll start by learning about trees: how to identify them, how they respond to damage and disease, and how to evaluate, fertilize, and prune the trees in your yard. Next we’ll focus on chainsaws. Most importantly, we’ll talk about safety. Chainsaws have the potential to be incredibly dangerous, so we’ll discuss risk factors and safety best practices. Then we’ll learn how to sharpen and maintain chainsaws, and how to use them effectively, even for difficult or tricky cuts. After that, we’ll head into the woods and cover all the steps involved in safely felling trees, including limbing and bucking dropped trees. Finally, we’ll talk about firewood. We’ll learn about maul and axe use, care, and safety. Then we’ll discuss tips and tricks for splitting, moving, stacking, and seasoning firewood.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For safety and liability reasons, students in this class will not handle running chainsaws or participate in the felling of trees. Safe and effective chainsaw use and tree felling will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated using multiple examples, strategies, and situations, but all operations involving running chainsaws and cutting down trees will be done by instructors only.

**WHAT IS A SLIDING SCALE?** In order to make our classes available to a broad and diverse audience, we use a sliding scale payment model, which means YOU CHOOSE how much to pay, within a given range. Paying lower in the scale is like receiving a scholarship. Paying higher in the scale helps cover the true cost of the class. You can pay MORE than the high end of the scale: this “extra donation” helps make our sliding scale possible. Thank you for considering your situation and resources carefully as you make your decision!

About Earth Village Education - EVE

Earth Village Education is a nonprofit nature education organization based in northern Virginia. We conduct classes for adults, families, and school groups about a variety of topics related to nature connection, environmental stewardship, self-reliance, sustainability, and community development. Our home base is a 97-acre farm and nature preserve located just outside Marshall, Virginia (about 45 miles west of Washington, DC). You can learn more about our programs at www.EarthVillageEducation.org.