The Tack Box, Inc. was started in 1947 by Mr. John B. “Chub” Lee as a supplier of tack and leather goods for racing and breeding farms. He began in a black Chevrolet panel truck that traveled locally and as far as Charlottesville and Charlestown, WV.

After three years of mobile service, Chub hired a saddler, & Bill Ballard joined the business from Stombocks, a saddler located on M Street in Washington DC. Together, Bill and Chub worked out of The Tack Box’s first physical location, a garage-sized space located on Liberty Street in Middleburg, across from Dank’s Deli.  At that time, Middleburg Saddlery, another tack shop that dealt more with clothing and apparel, was located where Journeymen Saddlers is today.

In the early 1970’s Chub purchased the Middleburg Saddlery, expanding The Tack Box into a clothing and apparel store as well as a general tack store and leather repair service. More space was required for the expansion, so the clothing division moved to Washington Street, diagonally across from The Red Fox Inn, while the repair division moved to Middleburg Saddlery’s location on West Federal St.

In the mid 1970’s, Chuck Pinnell joined The Tack Box. Chuck proved to be an important addition to the Middleburg equestrian retail community with his popular custom chaps. Chuck spent his early days apprenticing under Bill Ballard until he purchased the repair division of The Tack Box from Chub to start his own business, Journeymen Saddlers.

The Tack Box, Inc. moved to its current location at 7 West Federal St. in 1985. The new store housed a larger inventory and provided the convenience of parking to a growing downtown Middleburg. As Chub’s active role of store owner began to fade, his daughter Berk took over the daily operations of the business. Berk remains in this location and continues to provide products and services to the community.

Chub focused on providing quality and craftsmanship in his products and his store. Those principles remain the cornerstone of The Tack Box, Inc. Today, The Tack Box, Inc. is growing by simultaneously holding tight to its original principles while embracing new products, technology and trends of the equestrian community it serves.

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